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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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solution. of course, i mentioned sustainable ability we believe we have an opportunity we've mentioned before to pursue 2k3wr0u7bd breaking. fwhuns a lifetime at any point to create from the ground up substantial measures that aren't seeing none, nationally given the fact we're starting with a ground slate look at the cooling systems and the feasibility of a centralized trash collection for example. not only look at them but we have a development partner who is earnest at working them at the site. excuse me.
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the last two items i want to talk about. excuse me. is an early activation at the site 0 activate a portion of the lot you see to bring ugly to the sit that can show it's potential and introduce the site to the neighborhood and put it into a 0 prospective that allows people to see it is a neighborhood focus. identically today that's it a vacant parking lot. we want to b begin this to be a project coming forward. and finally, public outreach we're reaching anti since 2007 this year for sure with such
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viruses groups as the may or may not advisors committee and the mission bay and the state lines commission amongst other he'd the city groups. various chamber of commerce from the african-american champs to reach out to as many as possible. we're reaching it out the neighborhood groups and look forward to those the amendment in the coming year. excuse me. i would like to introduce jack bear from the giant to talk about the prospective from our partners >> good evening, commissioners. we'll be brief in light of the hour and try to hit the highlight. it's been a productive year
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there's been a blitz of activity. as you, you know, it's been encoder by the board of supervisors and the land use plan was also comboertsz by the board of supervisors so we have a lot of support. the eir is now underway to analyze the never and yet just yesterday the notice of preparation was issued that he planning department. we're having substantive conversation with the planning department about many, many important issues it concludes the mayor's office staff and other staff we're talking about height and massing and set back and the retail and other strategies to make that moot it's potential.
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we're on schedule and we've developed a great rapport with the staff. we have a great working group meet every thursday morning and many wednesday averages and that's been a again experience. just a little bit of a refresher as you know this site is 37 acres it's the northern boulevard and channel plaza between pare 48 and 50 pr mixed ice development approximately, 6.3 acres of we want it to be a hang out like 24th street. features as you can see a grand
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23r7b9 park and upper square and this channel plaza very significantly in the site so all the believes are aminity by park use. it has an intimacy and specialized to it. commercial office space $3 million i won't tell and residential approximately 2 thousand residents on site and affordable housing and as phil mentioned we're speaking to the city about mix. retail and restaurants uses with with an emphasis to make smart decisions on a whole. and we're focusing open smaller rail spaces. we're also focused on a excelling streetscape so people
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like to hang out. there's in pier 48 they're a the largest firm in that area and became a become a brand that will be known world over. so the economics and the metrics the 2 thousand resident and 11 thousand permanent jobs and $25 million of revenue to support the city and a $2 billion dollars and $1.3 billion of revenue to the city for an estimated of $4 billion for this project. it meets the ports and cities objectives. we also hit the ground running after the term sheet was endorsed we have a project team
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that's small but growing. and as this project matures there will be ongoing stunt. we've exceeded the goals for local hire and as indicated there will be more and more opportunity we're in the predevelopment stage and there are month universities in this phase. we've also paired large firms with small businesses to diverse and gain different experience as we're making decides. so for example, burdening son will they're a large firm and karen and kathie you may know they joined that firm and have done great work but we've skimmed to pair with other. we've skmd psyched them to
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partner. the cob let's firm harry was the council to us when we developed the park but we've asked harry to take some the work we've hired millie and marshall who used to be the personnel on other teams. we'll have fran did dig a little bit deeper into the information >> thanks jackie think phil and jack have given you a broad oversight and i want to give you some specific example we've been working on with the port over the last few months ago we've
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been gathering our consultants that work with the lead consultant and the planning dependent on developing the eir are they're in the data collection mode and gathering traffic and street analysis and things like that that are the publication yesterday on the engineering side of things we have two fun items to report. phil touched on one earlier that that was the district energy so i wanted to maintain a little bit more about what district energy and pooling is. when you have as large a site and the diverse mixed of uses with retail and other commercial uses on this site our energy and demand loads are fluctuating
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over the die resident are getting ready during the day then go to work so it shift. so we have sufficient energy loads cross the site site. we in the last if you most have been able to do more due diligence on some of the legal issues and the financial faebltd of a partnership like. we think that makes sense to due audio due diligence. another interesting experience so on the geometrical size we're thinking about the pedestrian size on the site what at this time like. somethings that gangs that it the parking garage. so we had the idea was if we
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could put the parking underground. that opens up a pan box we've had fun digging into that this fall and winter. open the development controls and design guidelines one area we'll paid at the scene is developing the waterfront project. we've created this new concept of a working waterfront type of plan we've looked at into the bicyclists and trucks and pier 50 maritime yours instructions all sharing terry freelance way and co- habitating it in a co co- effect manner we look
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forward to showing you the results norwalk. thvl and jack mentioned some of the cardboards l about activating the site 125e68d leaving e leaving it into a parking lot how can we build small partnerships to have them think about seniors a home. so those are many of the detailed examples of some of the things it's hard to explain six months of why in a few minutes. so we are really looking forward to 2014 i think we're going to hit our milestones with the draft of the eir our design guidelines and multiple transaction guidelines all completed over the course of
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next year. so thank you. >> that concludes my presentation. thank you very much. >> okay. is there any public comment? okay. please state your name >> mr. burnett. your plans went public about 1 o'clock i thought it was interesting about some of the comments that were made aside i guess from side f some people got excited about the height but more people seem to be critical of is where terry freelance what boulevard comes north it doesn't/a nice by the end as you have now as you go over to the street. one last to make a shatter left
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hand turn. that's a flaw in the design and something that should be looked at. thank you. >> any further public comment. okay. we can ask phil or anyone else to address the design >> thank you madam president i think jack bear would recycle to discuss that issue. >> interesting comment when we started this when two folks were taking care of this one of the issues was what to do with maximumizing the park space and it was decided through that process by closing the northern stub of fantasia way boulevard and providing other access south
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to that the park could be larger and more significant there was a design decision made to eliminate the stuff of the fanning was boulevard and use it as park instead. but there's a street that's a little bit south of there that you can use to traverse back but that design decision has been consistent throughout 0 the promise since 2007 and quite well received it eliminates vehicular assess and that's a good trade off in this case. any other comments >> so you haven't been doing too much. thank you very much for the presentation and all the work
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that's gone into it the staff our mayor's office and economic workforce development and the developer team. a thought of that's gone into this really shows. i like the effort that's been made to partner with bring the smnz and partnering them with larger ones i know that's the trend i want to see other fellow and it makes sense i'm sort of speaking for my colleagues but providing up to this point for our small businesses in helping the smaller firmed gain that leg up in experience. so along those lines this is a bit premature but i'd like to talk about the tenant that will
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be moving into those side doors sites in our kranth we can go and do the l.b. remits but i think one i ever tell things we want to see is the kind of approach in helping the local businesses have you given any thought to how some of those businesses and local folks can be given some opportunity as well >> thank you commissioner katz in the event we think that good business we've been talking about this to the mayor's office being smaller than retail spaces to encourage and help small business so they can be viable on the site which motive mean subsidizing or having lower market rent if you manage the retail has a whole you want it
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to be successful as a whole and not a lot of vacancy and a lot of street life so people can see diversity. a lot of retail it's the same places when you go so this is a major emphasis for us. one of the things we're talking about with early activation is do mike lending with buses that doesn't afford the start up costs but could occupy a part of a shipping container. and we've had a lot of ideas for example, you could build out a small restaurant but have it rotating and someone who doesn't have the money to buy ann all
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the equipment but if their skills are good enough they, get civil rights. it's to be viewed and accepted by san francisco. very discriminating tastes san franciscans have bowl do better >> that's sort of a leading question. i know this is one other question i have i appreciate your approach to more fathers and building on site but another issue is front and center is transportation, you know, looking at the portable of the loads in the area that are somewhat stressed it's never too son to start figuring out a
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bolder approach to the transit issues we'll be facing can you talk about that it will be part of the eir if you could address that a little bit >> we got our traffic data this morning. one of the things we think this site is amazing and offering is transportation. obviously we're is cough of blocks from cal trains you'll get downtown in a couple of minutes. in terms of public transportation the infrastructure is there. the w ta i know that pooefrt albert the city has briefed you all on. in terms of the behavioral patterns we've got a lot of opportunity with tenant and
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resident and employees two we're working with the planning department and mta to look at ways to encourage bicycle sharing and car sharing we've debundled it so if you represent here you don't automatically get a parking space it's a for you. a couple of those trends that are across the nation we're starting to see see reduce dependency open private auctions and encouraging a mixed mode we're encouraging on working on. i'll add in your studies i think it's on option to look at revised or all the evidence transportation which the city has seen changes in living or
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work patterns whether adding a new line or scombrauft an exciting lines. the 22 lineup is soon, you know, to be extended into this neighborhood is is a a wonderful thing and we think the community members are grateful >> thank you very much for your presentation. >> i just want to say thank you for the investigated presentation. i like the ways you do the outreach to everyone. i think commissioner katz asked the questions i really wanted to ask. parking underground i like that will all the paring be underground >> no, not all the parking it will be in d which is the south part of the site.
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we can take parking out of the podium of the neighboring building you don't have much of 0 retail if you take the underground parking the street life becomes better we'll have structure of parking above the level but there will be more ground parking >> with 9 concern about arriving seawall i won't use the term reservoir. >> (laughter). >> jackie like the transparency and appreciate it and like the concern that commissioner katz brought the long-term at any point of the folks you said something i like
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i said willy that's good business. you've been methodical in your thinking so continue to move forward i like what you see >> i oxen what my fellow commissioners said it's been a thorough presentation. and congratulations on exceeding the l.b. eco by the way, what does that mean in terms of dollars >> (laughter). >> it might be something we can foul with a precise number but over a million dollars. >> a million dollars spent total and 14 percent. >> no, it's commented toward. >> will you residency that.
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>> we spent an estimated million dollars a l.b. e firms to date. >> great. and then like any fell commissioners into the small business thing is great i'm glad your reaching out to the champs and hopefully, you'll get other ruffles so thank you. well, i'm going to a sound like i'm echo and indict to. thank you for your presentation are i think the whole strategy of reaching out to the small businesses i know you want to make the neighborhood a little bit different so if it's going to look like every other neighborhood it's not going to be special it is to be diverse whether it's small or big but you have to have some
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characteristics. my other question are you considering pop up to get other folks interested in the site. you're going to tell us more but is it a specific site you're going to be picking for the skwechl >> it's not something that's ripe for parole but that is to sort of draw a visible line from pier affirmative action 48 to the bridge we could paint a green line to show where the future park would be but to take that line and send a message about what is project want to be in the future in terms of the type of businesses that can go in the pop ups. as you know if you're in the
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radiance in other housing locations there's not a lot of amenity to walk to so we think there's a market beyond justice the baseball game crowd for some business. so we're looking at starting small with a few shipping xharnt and seeing how it goes and perhaps expand and they can be moved so we know move them around the site potentially. why in and out think creatively outings outside the box, if you will, while we're waiting for the approvals >> when will anchors teem be operational. >> well, as soon as the project is entitled our goal is in 2015 they'll start on their project right away. so in terms of p of when this
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brewery will be open 9016 is the the goal they'll be the leading edge of the project. it's quite something in the beverage describe and a great partner for the giant overall the ball is the greatest connoisseur of this pursuit. you want to be able to capture some of that >> that's the thought to provide some interim space people can joy the projects be approved. >> okay. thank you very much. >> okay item 89 a requests to the project for the africa desk
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a departmental dell incorporation located at pier 9 subject to approval with the board of supervisors. >> good evening court leasing manager. i'm seeing the approval for the items read by secretary. auto demonic occupies 27 thousand square feet at the pier 9 and pays an annual debt of $443,000 duo to date they've made a if $24 million 1ri6789 for improvement. they've made improvements to the south side of pier 89 and the port is currently rectifying the plan for a paperwork let located
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on the portion of the pier which is a condition of the ac/dc permit. autodesk is proposing to add an additional 34 hundred secret of space which is for the purpose of constructing it's robotics r&d lab. the third requests autodesk to investor into the space because consideration for thought development the provide a period for the purpose of the involvement and also a representative be credit in the amount of $440,000 the net capital improvement by autodesk is


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